Derek’s Quote Book

“Paul and cancer, ruining everyone’s lives”- Russell, April 12th

“Hey! Tell her to shut up! Do you want me to make you a sandwich?”- Derek, April 10th

“You probably shouldn’t date a girl if paul’s seen her mom’s vagina”- bob, April 8th

“High fives for easter! Peeps are coming back out!”- Josh, March 28th

“He’s like an animorph who got stuck half way”- Tucker, March 22nd

“I think i might start being a catholic. Just because i think it’s gangster”- waterhead, March 21st

“You can’t be the dinosaur at your own birthday party”- Stephanie, March 21st

“You’re supposed to wait for god” -Sherry “What? You want me to have sex with God?”-Leif, March 18th

“Jinx. You owe me a coke or coke equivalent”. – John Barker, March 14th

“I’d rather be a part of a murder than be murdered”- HomelessGuy, March 13th

“I wouldn’t have thrown up if i hadn’t of eaten that cabbage goat cheese sh*t”– John Barker, March 13th

“The most disappointing thing in my life was when i found out it was nothing like the show friends”- Tyler Jordandwhich, Feb 28th

“I’m not on your level and i’m not afraid to admit that. Mock me if you want- Gardy”, Feb 28th

“you had the ten out of five here tonight. remember that”. – Josh davis, feb 27th

“when jake gyllenhall hit that bottle of jack, i bout lost it”– Waterhead, feb 27th

“I wish I could still do that. But i’ve smoked too many drugs”- Wynn Smith, a while back

“Gingers shouldn’t date gingers!! Yeah it’s in the bible!! In the book of Joshua!!”-Josh Davis, Feb 26th


“You’re a dominatrix…now it makes sense”- Joosh, Feb 18th

“This is my house and I will wear the flash cape if I want to”-Russwolf, Feb 17th

“That’s what everyone should pay attention to– Stars and Wolves”- Derek, Feb 15th

“I think it just looks longer because its black. That’s how it works.” Russwolf, Feb 9th

“That’s wynn’s idea of how to be successful- cut yourself with glass and light matches off your face”-Bob, Feb 8th

“Is it bad to hand the driver whiskey while he is driving?”- Russwolf, Feb 6th

“I’m not above fighting at a hellogoodbye show- Russwolf, Feb 5th

“It’s good to reminisce while passin a bottle of whiskey back and forth”- Derek, Feb 2nd

“Hey mom, if i’m killin zombies do you think people are gonna care if my A.K 47 is registered or not?” – Pual, Feb 2nd

“Wait. Let me get this straight, you want to leave your baby here while your drunk husband drives you around sooo you can spy on your uncle who is sleepin with your stepmom?”- Russwolf (speaking to Zed Dog’s wife), Jan 30th

“Well she was way hotter than that lesbian boy/girl that I f*cked”- Russwolf, Jan 27th


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I love our lives.

Comment by Pual

i love these this was the greatest idea i had

Comment by derek

“It’s engraved in stone somewhere, infact its written on a Hebrew Tablet that is yet to be translated to the world. Don’t fuck with bros!”

Comment by Robert

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